Issues and Platforms
From social issues to the economy, Jacob will fight for what is right to improve  Tennessee and our country.
  • The Economy
    The economy is the most defining issue of the 2012 election. He believes we must fight for relief for the middle class and working poor, and not focus on massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. Jacob believes in being a positive and progressive voice for Tennessee so that companies will want to do business in our state. Bringing in new businesses is the key to revitalizing our economy and bringing down unemployment. Investors will be attracted to what our state has to offer and bring money and jobs into our state and economy.

  • Obamacare
    Jacob supports Obamacare. This program will give health care options to thousands of uninsured Tennesseans, along with more options for those already insured. Obamacare will also create jobs, as it will bring many new healthcare employment opportunities to our state.

  • Abortion
    Jacob is pro-choice. A woman's decision whether or not to have an abortion is a private matter with many factors involved. It is not the government's role to tell a woman what decision she should or should not make.

  • Education
    Jacob is a high school teacher and has seen the effects of federal involvement in our educational process. He believes it should be up to the states and local school systems to decide how to run their schools. The No Child Left Behind Act hurt our schools with unrealistic expectations and put an impossible task on teachers, driving many to leave the profession. Our schools must be funded. Our teachers must be paid more. Specialty programs (music, art, technology, etc.) cannot be cut. Our teachers must be allowed to do their jobs. We must strive to make our schools a model for the nation. Our students must be prepared to either go to college or enter the workforce upon graduation. Improved schools will attract more business to our state and improve our economic conditions.

  • Immigration
    Businesses that hire undocumented workers should have severe penalties. Immigration laws in place must be strictly enforced. Our borders must be kept secure. Jacob does not support English-only initiatives, as they create an unfair burden on citizens that are here legally. Having had non-English speakers as students, Jacob has never met a foreign-born student that does not have a strong desire to learn English. We must fund ELL classes for both adults and youth so that they may communicate in our country. While learning our language, we must be patient and respectful of other languages and cultures. English-only initiatives are an insult to those who are striving and desiring to be a part of our country.

  • Marriage Equality
    Jacob supports marriage equality.

  • Unions
    Jacob supports labor and teacher unions. These unions give a voice to those working in a massive force and improve working conditions, pay, and the environment of working citizens.

Jacob Maurer - A Left Voice for Tennessee

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