A Progressive Voice for Tennessee
What is this about?

Our state is capable of being one of the brightest and most progressive states in our nation. As of now, we are being held back by both the "same ole" rank-and-file candidates and typical politicians, many of which are not taking our state in a progressive direction. Tennessee needs options that will bring positive and intellectual voices to our state so that we can make our state stronger than ever. Jacob is approachable, an engaged conversationalist, and will bring a refreshing new voice to our state's political scene.

How can I help?

Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, and co-workers that there are options for Democrats in Tennessee. Jacob is a high school teacher, not a millionaire politician. Spread the word for him the old-fashioned way: by word-of-mouth (or in a 21st century media!). Share our vision with everyone you know who feels that Tennessee can do better.

Jacob Maurer - A Left Voice for Tennessee

Twitter: @jacobmaurertn



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