For years, Jacob Maurer has been known for his interest and passion for following politics. Always outspoken in political discussions, he has never shyed away from expressing his view on issues that matter and that can improve the country. Now, he is entering the race for United States Senate in Tennessee as a write-in candidate.

Jacob grew up in Decatur, Alabama. From an early age, he showed a strong interest and passion for the history of the United States and the political process. From learning to name the presidents in order at age seven, to debating political issues with adults while in elementary school, there was always a deep interest when it came to our nation's government.

After graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Jacob began his career as a high school band and orchestra director. After teaching in both Alabama and Florida, he relocated to Nashville in 2008 to start a new instrumental music program for the Metropolitan Nashville Public School system. During his teaching career, his students have excelled in the classroom, in performance halls, and on the football field while performing many award-winning musical performances. Many of his students have received college scholarships for their work.

While always having followed politics closely, Jacob always restrained himself from actually entering a race. However, after watching Tennessee politics for several years and never seeing a statewide candidate that excited him, he finally decided he wanted to become a part of the solution. After watching the disappointing results of the August 2012 primary elections, Jacob decided he would finally enter a political contest, entering as an official write-in candidate for the United States Senate seat in the November 2012 election.

After a very productive write-in campaign, Jacob has continued to follow the state and national political scene. After much reflection and a large amount of encouragement from supporters, Jacob has decided to seek the nomination of the Democratic Party in the primary being held in August of 2014.

Jacob's political leanings are to the left. He is pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage, and while not always agreeing with all of his policies, was a supporter of Barack Obama in 2012. He plans to strive to improve the image of Tennessee so that we may attract new businesses that can improve our economy. He supports the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He wants to push our educational standards and approaches so that our schools will become the model for our nation. While these viewpoints may not seem like that of your typical Tennessee politician; Jacob is not a politician. He is not a millionaire. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, even if it is not popular with what people believe is the norm for Tennessee.

Tennessee has a thriving progressive community. Many Tennesseans have not had a voice in a statewide election. Many have declined to vote for a lack of an exciting candidate. It is time for a change. It is time to stand up for what  we really believe in. The voices of many Tennesseans will not be heard in Tennessee until we take a chance and do something different.

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